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Track Your Trolley!

Navigating the Bay Town Trolley system has never been easier! We’re proud to offer real-time bus tracking through apps like Transit App, Moovit, and Google Maps to help make traveling in Bay County a breeze. These apps allow you to see exactly where your next bus is and an estimate for when it will arrive at your stop. Take your pick and download one now for your next adventure!

Transit App

Transit App

Get Transit App for Droid
Get Transit App for Apple

Transit’s easy-to-use interface allows you to plan your trip down to the minute. Get real-time bus tracking and compare all your travel options on one screen. GO, your friendly travel companion, will give you directions to and from stops as well as estimated travel time, all with just one tap.

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Moovit App


Get Moovit App for Droid
Get Moovit App for Apple

Moovit offers all the info on how to get you from point A to point B including GPS directions, real-time transit tracking, and details for specific routes. Receive notifications and alerts for when and where to get off, estimated bus arrival times and service alerts in case your usual route is not in service. You can even download maps for offline use.

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Google Maps

Google Maps

Get Google Maps App for Droid
Get Google Maps App for Apple

You may know Google Maps as an app for directions, but did you know it also offers real-time transit tracking? Google Maps will give you GPS directions and estimated travel time for walking, driving, ride share and public transportation routes. You can even view total estimated travel time, factoring in walking time to and from stops.

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No smartphone? No problem! You can get real-time predictions from any phone.

Here’s how:

  1. Call (386) 204-8886 and input your bus stop code when prompted. You’ll get all of the next bus arrivals for that stop. Some stops service multiple routes, so please be sure to listen closely for your route number.
  2. Text your bus stop code to (386) 204-8886 to get the next arrival times for that stop.
Your bus stop code can be found on Bay Town Trolley’s official bus stop signage:

We are in the process of installing signs throughout all of our stop locations. Currently, there may not be a stop code at each location.

Predictions from your Desktop

Access predictions right from your desktop browser! Select your route, stop, and location to get real-time predictions.

This desktop feature does not work on Internet Explorer. Safari or Chrome are recommended.

Access Real-Time Predictions

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