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Bay Town Trolley Rolls Out New Vehicles

First of Five New Fleet Buses Will Debut on Roadways Tomorrow 

(Panama City, Fla.) – Bay Town Trolley is excited to announce launch of a new bus fleet, with the first of five vehicles hitting roadways tomorrow. Remaining buses are slated to begin operation over the next four to six weeks. These buses, made available through Federal Transit Administration Urbanized funds, will replace older vehicles unable to effectively meet the demands of the fixed route system. The color scheme will remain consistent with the blue and yellow trolley fleet, ensuring that current and potential riders are able to quickly identify the system.

“Initially, this first new bus will be placed on Route One, which runs between Lynn Haven and Panama City with multiple stops at medical facilities, schools, municipal offices and shopping centers,” said Gene Keen, Chief Administrative Manager of Bay Town Trolley. “As we gear up for peak season, it is important that we have this flagship vehicle running smoothly on this higher traffic route.”

New fleet amenities include an upgrade in passenger seating in addition to more robust air conditioning units to cool the bus during summertime. Both features guarantee a more comfortable rider experience. During the coming weeks, the trolley’s team will be running a series of tests to evaluate fuel efficiency as it compares to the current trolley fleet. Additional buses are expected to run on Routes four, five and six.

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