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Public Meeting Notices Program of Projects 2016/2017

RE: Federal Fiscal (FFY) Year 2016/2017 Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5307 Grant Application – Program of Projects and Public Hearing

Notice is hereby given that the Bay County Transportation Planning Organization is applying to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for a Section 5307 Urbanized Area Formula Grant providing capital and operating assistance to the public transportation system operated as Bay Area Transportation/Bay Town Trolley for FFY 2016/2017. Bay Area Transportation provides paratransit service throughout Bay County and Bay Town Trolley operates a fixed-route system with deviation in portions of the urbanized area.

Program of Projects

A Program of Projects has been developed in accordance with the FFY 2016/2017 Bay County Transportation Planning Organization’s (TPO) Transportation Improvement Program. This Program of Projects includes capital and operating support of the current, coordinated paratransit and fixed-route service. The Program Budget for this grant application follows:

Item Federal State/Local Total
Operating Assistance $700,000 $700,000 $1,400,000
Preventive Maintenance $250,000 0 $250,000
Project Administration $340,000 0 $340,000
Stop Compliance – ADA $100,000 0 $100,000
Security and Misc. Equipment $100,000 0 $100,000
Facility, Maintenance/Misc. Equip $270,374 0 $270,374
Hardware/Software/Misc. $100,000 0 $100,000
Rehab/Maint.-Admin Facility $323,461 0 $323,461
Planning –TDP Continue/COA $100,000 0 $100,000
Total $2,283,835 $700,000 $2,983,835

Toll Revenue credits are the match for capital funds. Operating assistance is matched with State and Local funds. No person, families or businesses will be displaced by this project. This proposed project will not have significant environmental impact upon the service area .Individuals who are transportation disadvantaged, including the elderly and the handicapped, are eligible for reduced fares on the deviated, fixed-route system. The Bay County TPO prohibits discrimination against any person in recruitment, examination, appointment, training, promotion, retention or any other personnel action because of political or religious opinions or affiliations or because of race, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap, marital status, or other non-merit factor.

Download full announcement and budget.

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